Thursday, 10 July 2014

Mum on her Wedding Day

I found this little framed picture of my mother on her Wedding Day while cleaning out our loft last Sunday. I made it about 2 years ago and had forgotten all about it . Have to admit I may had shed a little tear when I found it having lost her when I was in my twenties.
You may recognize the box , it is a K&Co alphabet box I bought some time ago. After painting the box I papered the inside and then  mounted mums picture on some 3 mm double back tape to give her a 3D effect . I then mounted a small cameo in the top right and finished it off with some left over bits of glass and peal swirls. I then crackle grazed the front. It was then finished off with more small bits of swirls I had left over from other projects , a silver butterfly picked up from Primark and a lovely Pink Rose gluing some of the glass swirls on the bottom of the Rose for effect.
All it cost me was the price of the K&Co box of Alphabets for a ever lasting memory.

My loving mother on her Wedding Day

While I was busy in my craft room Dave decided the summer house needed a revamp.


Day one's miss
Phase One was to make the seating area in front a bit larger . This was finished within two days & the plains for Phase Two is now in the design stage. This will consist of repainting the summer house & making a rose filled pergola over the setting area. I can not wait to sit under a lovely rose perfumed  pergola.

Phase one complete
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  1. Beautiful crafting and a lovely tribute to your mother.

  2. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post, very moving and fabulous crafting x

  3. Beautiful Mum! Awesome summer house!

  4. Your photo frame is so beautiful, what a lovely memento to have on display. Good work from hubby too! xx

  5. Your summerhouse looks adorable. I recently got the words pergola and pagoda mixed up, which caused much confusion when I asked my husband to build me a pagoda in the back garden!

    1. I quit like the idea of a Pagoda in the back ground . I'll ask Dave if we can have one LOL

  6. Such a beautiful way to remember your mother, I've always wanted a summer house, yours looks nice and cosy.

  7. What a lovely keepsake to remember to dear Mother. Your summer house looks so beautiful.

  8. Fabulous! So very pretty! Thanks for joining us at Twisted Tuesday!

  9. Aww what a lovely way to celebrate your Mum's memory.

    Your summer house is much improved with its new seating area, well done Dave! :)

  10. Lovely summer house and I do like the project to remember your Mum

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  12. Your Mum looked like Jackie Kennedy!

  13. Totally gorgeous!! Thanks for joining us at Twisted Tuesday!!

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    Posso afirmar que gostei do que vi e li,decerto não deixarei de visitá-lo mais vezes.
    Sou António Batalha.
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    Que a Paz de Jesus esteja no seu coração e no seu lar.


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