Saturday, 23 July 2011

A War Time Story

This LO is of Dave's Granddad's brother Harry who fought in the First World War. The picture was taken in Crewe when he was visiting his brother Frederick(Daves Granddad).
The paper I have used I think is very fitting for the subject, it is from Bo Bunny Timepiece range.
The clock around the picture is from Dusty Atic and the clock in the top right hand corner is made up from a watch cut out of Bo Bunny timepiece paper with a surround from 7 Gypsies Optical Lens. 
The Medal is a medal I believe every one who was alive at the end of the war got and the document is his army record.
The story behind the picture is that Harry  like Daves Granddad  fell out with his father and left home at fifteen .When he was old enough he changed his name from Poynter to Kemp and joined the Army.
He went through the 1st World War and left in 1920 after serving in the Machine Gun Corp and the West Yorkshire regiment’s. The letter below is a letter to his Mum apologising for his actions.
This photo and letter was sent to Dave from a distant relation in Portsmouth when he was researching his family tree.

Harrys letter to his mum


  1. Priceless arrangement Great portrait and touching letter. Good for you preserving the legacy.

  2. What a precious keepsake, lovely tribute, your cat pictures made me laugh, take care x.

  3. Fabulous!What a great way to keep history alive.I love that letter.


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