Saturday, 3 December 2011

Merry Christmas to All

Now December has come I would like to wish all who read and comment on my Blogg a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.
Here are two little Christmas Projects I have just finished,
The first is my Christmas mirror , to be used only from now until Christmas or may be a bit longer.
As you can see it is the famous Ikea mirror, I must have about 10 of these around the house now.

The second Christmas project again is one of my boxes picked up from the Car Boots last summer.
It took some time but I'm pleased with how to turned out. The only problem is I can not find a Christmas use for it. Can any one help?


  1. Love them both. The Christmas box could be used for scrapbook embellishments, Christmas ornaments, jewelry.............
    I am excited about the wedding. We'll fly there and not have a whole lot of time but it will be lovely and our son and d-i-l will make it memorable! Thanks Chris.

  2. Love these-they're both gorgeous!The mirror is stunning as usual.I love all the little compartments within the box.I'd use it for Christmas ornaments, or keep my Christmas stash in it-not that it'd fit!


Thanks to all who have commented
Keep Scraping . Chris P