Sunday, 20 May 2012

A Rome Excursion to Villa d'Este

Having been to Rome three times before Dave being a keen gardener had found what looked like a perfect excursion to a world renowned garden called the Villa d'Este 35 kilo outside Rome in the town of Tivoli. So off he went to surf the web to find a cheap excursion to Tivoli. The cheapest he could find was a half day excursion to Villa d'Este and another site nearby for 49 euro each. Looking at Villa d'Este on u tube he decided part of a half day excursion would not be any were near long enough and far to expensive. So back to the web to find another way to get there.He found two ways , the first was a metro to Rebibbia and then a local bus to Tivoli which seemed to take for ever.The second was a 1 hour long train journey from Tiburtino station in Rome to Tivoli and then a 10 to 15 minute walk to Villa d' Este. We took the train and at 4.6 euro return each was a great decision.A lovely train journey through the Tivoli mountains into Tivoli station (trains run about every 40 minutes ) and a nice little walk through the town stopping at a nice little cafe for 11 'es . Entrance fee was 12 euro each but wait for over 65's get in for nothing.
Created in 1550 by Cardinal  Ippolito d'Este . The frescoes in the Villa have been restore and deserve a look but the residence is totally upstaged by the gardens .An almost entirely symmetrical series of terraces , shady pathways and spectacular fountains , powered solely by gravitational force. From 1865 to 1886 the villa was home to Franz Liszt and inspired his Fountains of the Villa d'Este.
That is enough history please just check out the photos.
 A few 12x12's will follow.

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  1. Beautiful place, photos & love the blog header!

  2. It looks gorgeous!You've taken some brilliant photos.


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