Monday, 16 July 2012

Car Boot Treasures

My favourite place on a Sunday morning for finding Crafting Treasures must be the Car Boot Sale. I don't know if this is a world wide thing or it is just in the UK ,I believe the USA have something similar  called a garage sale. Mainly on a Sunday morning people get together on a car park , a sports field , a farmers field etc with all what they see as junk and sell it. You can pick up some great bargains. 
I tend to go for smooth wooden objects such as boxes , picture frames , mirrors and old jewellery boxes and I do not spend any more than £2 per item (for £2 it must be something I really want). You need objects smooth so that with a little rub down  it is a lot easier to decorate.
 After you have  finished decorating your bargain you can give them away as presents or use the boxes to put the present in instead of wrapping the present up. This way the they get two presents for the price of one.
Here are a few of my bargains I have picked up from my local Car Boot.

This little box I picked up for 75p and transformed it into a gift box for one of my daughters. She was so delighted she thought it was the main  present not the present container. She now uses it on her dressing table.

The tray I picked up for 50p at the end of the car boot , this is the best time for bargains as everyone are packing up and don't want to take anything home.
I striped it down and made it into a Paris tray to remind us of a lovely holiday we had in this beautiful city.

This is one I loved doing.I picked it up again for 50p. I made this memory box of Dave's grandson Jamie and Dave took it over to Czech when he went over to visit. Jamie's mum was so pleased she put it on her Face Book page.

This was one of my first car boot buys , it cost a grand total of £1.50. I have not found a use for it yet so it sets on the Welsh dresser at home.

Yet another shadow box filled with seeds. You find lots of these and you can pick them up for between 50p to £1.50 depending on the size. Again I turned it into a Paris memory box. We love Paris but not as much as Rome.

This one you well have seen  on my blog about a month ago .My granddaughter was going to University so I made this box into a sewing box for her.   

Last but not least a Ikea mirror. These can be picked up  nearly every week for about 50p to £1.If you follow my blog you will know I have a wall of them in the bedroom. I just love making them.

I hope you have enjoyed my Car Boot treasures and it has encourage you to  go hunting on a Sunday morning. Please let me know of any bargains you have picked up.
Good hunting & feel free to Comment!!!


  1. What a transformation, one man's trash is another's treasure, the mirror is so pretty

  2. I love how old tatty things can be completely transformed into something stylish and useful with just paint, fabric or paper. A really interesting and inspiring post to read - thank you!

  3. Wow Chris, I love everything you have done and it all looks so very beautiful! I also have those Ikea mirrors, I love the design with the Webster's page paper, so lovely!

    I saw your sewing box before, but it enlightens me to see it again!

    Have a good start into the new week!


  4. I am a bit speechless. I wouldn't know where to start yet you make each one into something really special. I particularly like the ones where you have put in personal mementos. What a great way to keep those memories alive. Amazing.

  5. I do love that sewing box,and the mirror is great too.
    This takes me back to when I needed things for the house and did a similar thing with car boot finds and cheap buys at the auction houses - seem to have too much stuff now!

  6. Wow thanks for sharing all your lovely creations. Not only are they bargains but they are beautiful. Ali x

  7. These are all so lovely! My favourites are the Paris tray and memory box as I used to live in the City of Light. I might have to do a similar project! :) I also love the sewing box. Such a cute gift and something to treasure.

  8. All great transformations. I pick up quite a few bargains in the local charity shop. They often have bits out the back of the shop not good enough to sell because broken or tatty and they are only too hapy for me to have a browse through. Hugs Mrs A.

  9. What a talented craftsman you are!

  10. I love them all!My favourites ate the present box and sewing box and the Paris tray.I've been thinking of what to make a friend as a memento of Paris at New Year and this post has really inspired me!

  11. These are lovely, I love mooching through car boot sales, it's great when you find something to alter, The seed boxes and trays are my fav's.

    Jan @ Handcrafted by Picto


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