Thursday, 12 June 2014

Back at last

Hi to all my followers who are still out there. Sorry I have not been in touch for such a long time but with Dave nearing retirement we decided to revamp the house. We have moved the stairs around to give us a extra room ( I will come back to this) , we have fitted a log burning fire which was unbelievable through the winter  and we have redecorated through out the hole house.
Now the new room up stairs was going to be a new guest room but we or should I say I came up with a better idea . You guested it a lovely new CRAFT ROOM so Dave can now have the dinning room back.
The problem was for the first two weeks I have just sat in it thinking how lucky I am but at last I have started to produces crafts starting with one of my favorites the Ikea mirrors as you can see from my pictures. 
Dave has now retired and one of his first jobs was to revamp my Blog, it is still work in progress but I hope you all like it.


  1. Now that's a beautiful craft room!

  2. That is a craft room to be jealous of-and I am-very!!


Thanks to all who have commented
Keep Scraping . Chris P